Gentle Touch
  Puppy and Dog Training For The San Francisco Bay Area
  Angela DiMeglio, Dog Trainer & Educator

Puppy and dog training for the San Francisco bay area in both a group class setting and private individual instruction. Classes are available for puppies as young as 12 weeks of age as well as for older mature dogs. Classes include Puppy 1, Puppy 2, Puppy 3 and an adolescent-adult
Dog Training class. Classes are six weeks in duration and are held in an indoor location in
Mill Valley, Marin County.


Puppy 1

This is a Kindergarden Puppy Training. A puppy must be between 12 and 18 weeks of age at the time of the first class. In this class, I focus on socialization, temperment training, good household manners and introduce basic obedience.

Puppy 2

In this class, I pick up where we left off in Puppy 1 now that the dogs are a bit older and have increased attention spans and learning curves. Basic obedience commands such as SIT, DOWN, STAND, HEEL, SETTLE DOWN, COME, LEAVE IT , OFF AND STAY are taught in this class as well as loose lead walking and NO jumping. I go into more detail in this class and the material is more advanced than in Puppy 1. Prereq. Puppy 1

Puppy 3

This class focuses on advanced obedience and the instruction of tricks. Advanced obedience includes instructing in SIT and DOWN STAYS of increased distance and with increased distraction, distance commands, proofing all commands and teaching under high levels of distraction. Prereq. Puppy 1, Puppy 2 and the instructor's approval.

Adolescent and Adult Dog Training Class

This class is appropriate for puppies as young as 19 weeks of age to a mature dog of several years of age. I focus on socialization, temperment training, good household manners and basic obedience in this class. This class is not appropriate for a dog that is either aggressive or a barker. Prereq. Dog must be at least 19 weeks of age at the time of the first class.


Individual private instruction is done at the client's home and community for a puppy or dog of any age. Puppies as young as seven weeks of age can benefit from instruction and education. Gentle and positive reinforcement methods and techniques are used in all training and education.


  • Free lectures on dog related topics are held once monthly. (Call or email for information.)
  • Free newsletter published bi-monthly.

For more information contact:

Angela DiMeglio, Gentle Touch
116 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: 415-472-0138 or Email:

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